Hi all, this is Duy Tan University CDIO2016 team. There are three members in our team and here are some information about us.

    My name is Ton That Binh. I am studying software engineering at Duy Tan University. Personally, i am an energertic person also i love to study new things, especially in foreign culture, traditional custom and so on.
     About my hobbies, i love to read books and playing some games in my free time. Also i love playing sports (like swimming and chess). And sometimes i even try to messing with my computer and put them back on XD.
P/s: To contact me
Email: tonthatbinh135@gmail.com

   My name is Nguyen Cong Duc from Duytan University, which is located in a beautiful city named Danang
I am a helpful and humorous person and I guess that is one of the reasons that I pursue the Health care field to take my bachelor. I'm a 4th year student and my major is a Pharmacist, helping a patience to get better from their illness is one of my very happiness. 
About my hobbies, well, I love playing piano and guitar, traveling…
My email: Duc.ngcong.vn@gmail.com
My facebook link:

My name is Dao Hai Viet , I'm currently studying in 
hospitality management and this is my first year at Duy Tan University.
I'm a kind of "wanderism" person - which means I travel a lot. Travelling and swimming are what I usually do as I have freetime. EDM is my type of music, but classic seems better for me to relax when getting tired.

My contact:
Email: dahavi189@gmail.com
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/hai.viet.96



Phase II

Renewable energy: we strongly recommend the solar energy, as it becoming cheaper and cheaper (event than electricity form coal)

Material: light weight composite material are being researched to be applied in to ship building to increase fuel efficiency
Others method to reduce waste water pollution are introduced here

Phase III

We would like to travel on a cruise ship that can travel on the sea with completely solar energy, the feeling that the ship that you stay on has no carbon dioxide emission is a great ideal!
Also, to be able to see the marine life beneath, trip ( by and attached mini submarine) to see the coral area can entertain people more as well as educate them about the environment and how to protect it. 


Blog post 3

Not long ago Christine Duffy, president and CEO of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), said that the size of ships, such as Royal Caribbean's Allure (full capacity is 6,360) was likely to be as big as it gets and that the new emphasis is "on more bells and whistles". As unique entertainment and dining options are introduced across the board, attention is also being paid to passengers' cabins, enabling travellers to personalise their in-cabin experience in a way that wasn't possible before.

Virtual balcony breakthrough

One of the most talked about in-cabin innovations is Royal Caribbean's virtual balcony; an 80-inch high-definition screen offering real-time views and sounds of the ocean. First introduced on Navigator of the Seas, they will be available in 373 inside cabins on Quantum of the Seas, which is planned for delivery in November 2014. The balconies enable passengers to experience sunrises and sunsets, as well as ports and destinations in every stateroom.

"The idea for the Virtual Balcony came from Richard Fain, our chairman and a small team of dreamers at Royal on the entertainment technology and IT teams," says Ronnie Farzad, manager of entertainment technology for Royal Caribbean who is based at the company's headquarters in Miami. "We developed the Virtual Balcony concept internally but leveraged the services of Control Group (an agency based in New York) for the programming. I personally demoed the technology to several groups of journalists: the sounds and visuals of the ocean transformed the formerly-inside staterooms on Navigator of the Seas."

The Internet of things trends

"The cruise industry is unrolling new technology that is nothing short of amazing," says a CLIA spokesperson. "Most of today's cruise ships offer internet cafes along with bow-to-stern Wi-Fi and phone connectivity. With sophisticated networks and innovative platforms on the horizon, cruise travellers will soon find that their smartphones and mobile devices provide communications services at sea that are comparable to those they expect on land."

While on most liners there is a cost for Wi-Fi, the industry has responded to complaints about roaming costs and high connection fees on board. "Examples include Connect at Sea by Wireless Maritime Services for iPhone and Android users which is expected to drastically enhance wireless communications and reduce costs, as well as direct innovation by individual lines," says a CLIA spokesperson.

"Royal Caribbean has also introduced 3G data services by WMS, on its Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, allowing guests to use their mobile devices to access email, use apps and surf the web at increased connection speeds, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers up to 500 minutes of free Wi-Fi internet access to guests in concierge-level suites and higher."


Blog post 2

There are many advance equipment on the Quantum Of The Seas, which can meet even tough customer needs.
Robotic bartenders – faster and better – “Cocktails are meant to be mixed in one minute”
 Source: Getty Images
“Someday long in the future, the idea of waving a fist full of cash trying to get your local bartender's attention will be a thing of the past — until that time there is the Bionic Bar from Makr Shaker. These robots, currently aboard Royal Caribbean's 'Anthem of the Seas', can create an endless number of drink combinations” – Learn more
The ship’s skydiving simulator. Source: Getty Images
“RipCord by iFly will be the first simulated skydiving experience at sea. It's basically a 23-foot tall indoor vertical wind tunnel that creates a true feeling of freefall as participants float several feet in the air above four powerful fans. Located on the outdoor Sports Court at the back of the ship, it will be part of an adrenaline-packed trifecta that also includes the FlowRider surf simulator and rock climbing wall. Each turn in the apparatus consists of a training course where participants are taught flight positions and hand signals, and two one-minute long flights. RipCord will also be available for semi-private rental” – Learn more
North Star lifts passengers 91 metres above sea level to offer stunning views of the ocean and ship.
Source: Getty Images

Leave it to Royal Caribbean International to literally and figuratively take you to a higher place. The exclusive North StarSM promises to elevate you both physically and emotionally, revealing 360-degree views of a world you've truly never seen before! Simply step into the North StarSM intimate, jewel-shaped capsule and gently ascend over 300 feet above sea level, where you can take in breathtaking views of the ocean, the ship, and the exciting destinations that we visit -Learn more

         Hence, curious about new advance technology so with those in the Quantum Of The Seas, Micheal will be willing to book the ticket to get on as well as spend more money to experience things that he has never tried before. 

Richest person in the list and pay a lot of attention to cruise ship, so William is the most potential customer now. He also prefer the highest quality of service, not only for himself, but also for his family, thus William will feel free to spend much money on things that are helpful and fun, for example: The ship’s skydiving simulator is new and fun, so William probably will try it, North StarSM lifts his family 91 metres above sea level to offer stunning views of the ocean and ship, etc.


Blog post 1

Internet of things (IOT)

Overall, “Thanks to this new ‘Intelligent System’, Cruise ship was able to implement more effective selling strategies and to automate the data processing. This resulted in higher profitability and reduced operating expenses. Furthermore, the supplier of luxury cruises was able to improve the workflow on the ships, e.g. through reduction in the time for examining the food – from five hours to two hours. Moreover, according to Microsoft, the wireless use of data across different devices and places had contributed to an impressive user experience, such as shorter waiting time in restaurants, during a check-in, and other activities” - http://www.i-q-i.net/en/case-study-how-royal-caribbean-benefits-from-internet-of-things/

Digital services:

Augmented Reality:

 In general, Augmented reality is going to revolutionize the passenger experience and also make the ship much more safe and enjoyable.
Even short duration sightseeing vessels will benefit from this technology since much of the data handing has been scaled up in any number of land based applications. Marine compliant devices will need to be developed but since crew and passengers will use similar interface it is thought augmented reality will be adopted on value added advantages alone. The technology is already here, it only needs to be applied.
  • In the near future, instead of having local chef on board, we can use cooking robot – new invention. With unlimited memory in cooking recipes, non-resting time, fast and high accuracy. This will decrease a lot of cost for cruise ship companies as well as improve sightseeing vessels service.
  • Now with the new advance in technology, you will never feel lonely anymore, cause drinking robot now available




  • Factor: Caribbean culture is a term that explains the artistic, musical, literary, culinary,political and social elements that are representative of the Caribbean people all over the world. Influenced by the US and EU: Many highly educated Governments and Business operators and tourists, promises to grow the industry in a proper way
  • Opportunity: Many uncovered culture is yet to be revealed to tourist. Diverse in culture: Spanish, English, French, African, Native Indians …and mixed cultures promises to bring more tourist attractions.
  • Threat: In many countries the HDI index is still very low, make it an obstacle for the tourists environment. Many old cultures are disappearing, we have to act quickly to preserve them.
      2. ECONOMIC
  • Factor: Economic of the world: According to CBO’s projections. The economy will expand at a solid pace in 2015 and for the next few years. For 2020 through 2025, CBO projects that real GDP will grow by an average of 2.2 percent per year. The unemployment rate will fall a little further, and more people will be encouraged to enter or stay in the labor force. Inflation will low, and interest rates will rise considerably in the next few years. Economic of Caribbean: In 2016, economic of The Caribbean is increasing. Especially, the lower cost of imported fuel.inflation in the Central America and Caribbean region accelerated slightly
  • Opportunity: Economic growth will help cruise ship which can meet potential customer. Have opportunity to develop and use modern facilities, high technology to attract customers. The Caribbean have opportunity to develop cruise ship when  trend of economy is promising
  • Threat: Other transport s will grow rapidly along with the development of economy and meet easier need’s customer. Potential competitive will increase
  • Factor: Cruise ships are between the most preferred types of vacation space. In this sense, it is important to understand what occurs in a vacation space. Specifically, in the space where coincides cruise passengers, stay- over tourists and residents
  • Opportunity: During the past two decades increased attention has been focused on the social and cultural effects of tourism. Communities are constantly creating and reinventing culture in social processes; and similarly, the perception of cultural authenticity by host communities is changing. 
  • Threat: The labour issue: One of the advantages for cruise lines which sale under a FAO (Flag of Convenience) is that they do not precise to pay a legal minimum wage. There are several failed attempts brought to the US Congress. The International Transport Worker’s Federation - ITWF affirms: ‘Below docks on many cruise ships is a hidden world of long hours, low pay, insecurity and exploitation’. The racism and other forms of discrimination, rape, harassment at work, are reported globally 
  • Factor: Played an important role in customer satisfaction, provide in-depth services for any customer's demands from entertaining to working.
  • Opportunity: Cruise ships have long lagged the rest of the travel industry when it comes to technology. But now, things have changed, it has faster wifi, cocktail-mixing robots, RFID powered wristbands, and mobile apps and many more
  • Threat: Because using an isolated network environment, phishing, scam and loss of data can occured. Also with the sheer amount of customers devices onboard, it is not an easy task to protect its information.